Academy and training

The QPSi offers an Academy with a custom, leading-edge curriculum in fundamental and advanced topics pertaining to quality improvement, patient safety, health care delivery, and applications of artificial intelligence to these domains. The Academy will also offer experiential learning opportunities through training programs and capstone projects utilizing AI to solve real-world QI/PS challenges.

Quality & Patient Safety Initiative Academy

7 Learning Tracks

Image listing QPSi Academy's core learning tracks.

Featured Courses

The QPSi Academy is currently developing 25 courses, which will be available by Summer 2024. Below are the courses currently available through the QPSI Academy under the AI and Data Science learning track.

*Current University of Florida staff and faculty are eligible to receive a special discount to be applied at checkout for these courses. Please email and provide your GatorID to receive your discount code.

The QPSi Academy uses a learner-centric model to build courses, emphasizing multimedia utilization, and short bite-sized lessons to engage the learners, as exemplified in the images below.

Training Programs

The training programs under the QPSi will offer online courses as well as experiential learning opportunities through Pathway+ and applied training programs to equip health care professionals in Florida with the knowledge and tools to promote excellence in quality of care.

  • Pathway Programs (curated set of courses)
  • Pathway+ Programs (include mini-capstone project)
  • Applied Training Program

*Applied Training Program is planned to begin Fall 2024

Participants would obtain one or more pathway programs (AI Pathway, QPS Pathway, Implementation Science Pathway) and do a full Capstone project.

Course Development

Partnership between the College of Medicine and the College of Education

E-Learning , Technology and Communications (ETC) is a service department that is affiliated with the UF College of Education.  Their holistic team includes a breadth of services that will guide and streamline the process of course creation for each instructor.

Support team structure for development of courses.

Learner-Focused Instructional Design

Diagram showing the structure of the courses.