Quality and Patient Safety initiative members present at 14th annual Celebration of Research event

QPSi showcases research advances in quality improvement

Members of the Quality and Patient Safety initiative presented some of their most promising quality improvement projects at the 14th annual University of Florida College of Medicine Celebration of Research.

The two-day event, which included a poster session, mentoring excellence roundtable, awards ceremony and research art reception, highlighted the research accomplishments of the college community.

From advancing research in artificial intelligence and medicine to inspiring future scientists to continue building upon the achievements of those before them and beyond, the event demonstrates the UF College of Medicine’s excellence in biomedical research.

Read on to learn more about a few QPSi members who presented at the poster session.

Mind the Graph! Using Graph AI to Understand Latent Care Pathways in Surgical Patients at Scale

Ray Opoku, M.Sc.

Ray Opoku, M.Sc., next to the poster he's presenting during the 2024 Celebration of Research's poster session.

“I presented research on patient-specific care pathways, which are difficult to encode in AI models due to their complexity. In the poster my co-authors and I introduced a ‘patient safety graph’ based on graph AI principles, using EHR data to map latent care pathways and associated caregiving teams.

“To me, Celebration of Research is about showcasing the amazing work folks across the college and university do. To be part of it was a valuable opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussion, receive feedback and connect with like-minded individuals.”

Are We There Yet? Understanding Patient Access to Services through Open-Source Routing Technologies

Lumin Pebe, M.S.

“This poster is about using publicly available housing and census data to map social determinants of health. This is currently applied to our projects, where we match all these features to our patients to build a comprehensive patient profile.

“My experience in this project has been gratifying, as it has helped our team develop the infrastructure necessary to illustrate the intricate interplay between social determinants of health and patient outcomes.”

Tanja Magoc, Ph.D., next to the poster she's presenting during the 2024 Celebration of Research's poster session.

Tanja Magoc, Ph.D.

“I was thrilled to participate in the College of Medicine Celebration of Research poster session, showcasing the innovative work of QPSi. This event provided an opportunity to share our achievements and meet potential collaborators through conversations about our work and theirs. I look forward to strengthening existing partnerships and establishing new ones.”

Process Mining Tools Applications in Health Care

Wenbin Guo, Ph.D.

Wenbin Guo, Ph.D., next to the poster he's presenting during the 2024 Celebration of Research's poster session.

“Process mining offers a valuable solution for analyzing and optimizing complex processes. This technique uses data collected during actual process execution to identify variations, bottlenecks and improvement opportunities. In health care, it can be applied to analyze surgical procedures and medication sequences, leading to better service quality.

“Celebration of Research provided a great platform to share my research on process mining in health care. The audience reception highlighted the growing interest in leveraging data analysis for process optimization.”

Click on the images below to view QPSi’s research posters from the 2024 Celebration of Research event:

About the author:

Damarys Santacoloma, M.S.


Damarys Santacoloma, M.S., Communications Manager, Quality and Patient Safety Initiative.

Damarys Santacoloma, M.S., graduated from Florida International University with a B.A. in philosophy and an M.S. in marketing. Before joining the University of Florida’s College of Medicine as the communications manager for the Quality and Patient Safety Initiative, or QPSi, she worked in a variety of fields, including the nonprofit sector, the startup space and in higher education, previously serving as the communications manager for UF Online. Her skills range from email marketing and customer relationship management, or CRM, to digital and print content creation and website maintenance. Now in her current role, Damarys assists in creating a communications strategy for the QPSi with an omnichannel approach in order to increase the initiative’s reputation and brand awareness.